Tuesday, January 09, 2007

George Sanchez by Chloe Dickson

George Sanchez walks into the sterile looking room in Fromm Hall with a group of professors and co-workers trailing behind him. George keeps a straight face as he and his partner Julie walk to the center of the room to address the crowd. It has taken George four years to get to this point, and tonight is about him, his partner and their controversial yet informative documentary.

Although his face is not too animated, a look of passion juts out of George’s dark piercing eyes as he stares back at the faces in the crowd. He is professional in appearance and somewhat resembles a more youthful Andy Garcia. His jet black hair is perfectly combed to his head, and his ear length sideburns are immaculately trimmed. His square framed glasses awkwardly match his dark suit. Both are slightly too big for his 5ft 7inch frame. The hemmed sleeves of his jacket surpass is wrists and his pant legs bunch over a pair of black and white vintage Doc Martins.

When he speaks it is hard not to notice his voice. It is light and airy. Much different from his specific look, which calls for a gruff and hardened voice.

Through most of the question and answer session, Sanchez is sitting on the sidelines letting his co-worker Julie take center stage. Its as if he is examining her every word. When she speaks he watches her intently with his hands in his pockets and his legs crossed at the ankles.

Every time a question is thrown his way he pauses, scratches his goatee and thinks about his potential answer. When he gives one, his small figure suddenly comes to life. His face fills with expression and his hands come out of hiding to help him describe his experiences.

As he explains the difficulty of interviewing people in jail, he says, “we had our film confiscated once on a prison ground.” He pauses and a smile cracks across his face “That was pretty cool.” As he makes the joke his entire look changes. He beams back at the laughing crowd and it is evident that he has dropped his professional image. But as suddenly as he lets it go it is back. Ever so quickly he crosses his legs, shoves his hands back into the depths of his pockets and lets his face turn back into stone.


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